2022 roadmap

Get Involved With The Team

Legendary Collection fully minted
  • First publicly sold collection of the Tycoon Apes
  • Most exclusive and prestigious benefits
March 22
Heroic Collection fully minted
  • Publicly available collection of Tycoon Apes
  • New mini sets minted every week
  • Collect your perfect party of Apes
July 27
Tycoon Club London
  • Prestigious club in Mayfair London
  • High life entertainment
  • Be part of an exclusive group
September 23
Tycoon Cartel NFT Game
  • PVP based NFT game for owners of Tycoon Apes
  • Assemble your team and take on your fellow Tycoons
  • Full Mint of Rare collection
Tycoon logotype
Large Tycoon Ape Community Events
  • Get involved physically by attending one of our many planned parties
  • Dance your heart out and meet likeminded individuals and future Tycoon Ape owners
Prefer to stay home? take part in many Discord competitions and giveaways
December 22
Tycoon Club New York
  • Feel at home in the Tycoon Club wherever you are in the world
  • Opening celebrations for all holders of Tycoon Apes