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About us

A collection of first-class Ape NFTs by Tycoon Team, created and living on the Ethereum blockchain! Our Team is made up of serious Apes – bookmakers, professional gamblers and business experts!

4 different rarities and endless combinations of accessories and looks! Buy your Ape or receive as VIP rewards from one of our many iGaming projects! A minimum floor price is guaranteed for every NFT in the Tycoon Ape collection!

Collect your own set of Tycoon Apes to show off your individuality and receive awesome ownership bonuses! Take your game to the next level and be among the legendary apes! Your Ape doubles as your Tycoon Team membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits!

G88 is a Tycoon Team - driven platform where you can monetise your Tycoon Ape NFTs on the blockchain. Trade your collection and keep an eye out for future drops and events!

Join our brotherhood and become the chosen one!